Monday, June 09, 2008


I Have Cigarettes Again!

While I sit twiddling my thumbs and wait for the arrival of my adsense payment to arrive I have been the lucky recipient of some cash! (of which I am very grateful for!)

I believe that this cash came to me because of the law of attraction - which I have mentioned here several times before! Basically speaking I set my thoughts and focus on my goal which was having cigarettes and it happened!

It lets me know that the law of attraction is at work as long as you know how to "work" it. I'm trying to harness this power so that I can live the kind of life (which includes lots and lots of cigarettes) that I have always dreamed of living - a life full of abundance and wealth!

So I am very happy and grateful now for the cigarettes that I do have! They will last me for a while!

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